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  • Events Review | Bolaite Pushes Ahead to Aim High - 2020 Bolaite Agent Conference & New Product Launch Conference

    "Bolaite Pushes Ahead to Aim High", and will make great efforts and continue to bring infinite vitality to the market and create a better future!

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  • Bolaite Appears on CCTV News! - Witness Together in the Past and Move Forward in the Future!

    General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that "it is necessary to unite and lead the Chinese people to strive for a better life, taking history as a mirror and opening up the future." Just like the brand promise of "Better Life Together", Bolaite will continuously develop and innovate to provide updated, smarter and more energy-saving compressed air solutions for various industries, striving for a better tomorrow and creating a wonderful next century!

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  • Caring for Female Employees and Creating Beautiful Life

    It is believed that the implementation of this project can promote the personal development and physical and mental health of female employees effectively. In addition, it can also develop in the direction of cultivating female leadership, truly realize the sustainable development of talents, and create a more wonderful and beautiful life for female employees.

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  • Winning the Market with Excellent Service, Bolaite's After-sales Product and Business Seminar Held in Wuxi

    The warm sunshine has slowly dispersed the epidemic's haze, and the people of Bolaite air compressor began to be busy again. With the success of China's fight against COVID-19 in 2020, the strong recovery of China's consumption and manufacturing has raised expectations for the Chinese economy in 2021. As the general-purpose equipment in the manufacturing industry, the market demand for air compressors has increased significantly, whether it is a new machine project or service maintenance.

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  • Strive for 2019 and Forge Ahead for 2020! - Sales Meeting of Bolaite Air Compressor

    A company needs innovation to grow, and Bolaite's innovation comes from product upgrading. In 2020, Bolaite will launch professional energy-saving products, which will further improve energy consumption, performance, stability and other aspects. In addition, we will carry out a one-to-one "analysis" in accordance with the actual situation of customers. We not only consider how much air compressor the customer needs, but also "act appropriately to the situation" to make users reasonably choose products, realizing the true combination of energy-saving theory and scheme, and creating higher value for the customers.

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