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Strive for 2019 and Forge Ahead for 2020! - Sales Meeting of Bolaite Air Compressor

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The 2019 Annual Sales Meeting of Bolaite (Shanghai) Compressor Co., Ltd. was held in Shanghai as scheduled! !

In the past 2019, the growth rate of global economy slowed down. However, Bolaite achieved good performance under the impact of international economy and trade.

The General Manager of Bolaite participated in this annual sales meeting, giving recognition and guidance to the work of the Sales Department, and putting forward higher work objectives and requirements for the new year. In addition, the General Manager issued Apple mobile phones for two sales personnel, commending their work in 2019. The national sales manager of Bolaite analyzed and explained the performance and work in the whole year of 2019, and formulated the new sales ideas and methods for Bolaite in 2020 in the face of many uncertain factors in China and the whole economy this year.

At present, most air compressor users pay much attention to energy consumption. As the main power equipment, the air compressor provides users with high-quality compressed air and stable power source. Therefore, users attach great importance to its operational state. However, the motor power of the air compressor in the electrical equipment is often much larger than that of other equipment. So how can the air compressor be operated?

In response to the above problems, Bolaite provided professional training at this meeting and made a detailed analysis on "How to achieve greater energy saving for air compressors." Bolaite invited professional companies in the field of energy saving in China to give a detailed explanation. Through professional technical and theoretical knowledge and modern network energy management, a series of energy-saving products, such as single air compressor and centralized air compression station, were introduced and analyzed from multiple perspectives in the fields of energy-saving replacement.

The training part of this meeting is not only the learning of professional knowledge and improvement of business ability, but also reflects Bolaite's responsible attitude towards the vast number of users. The professional energy-saving system solutions bring economic benefits to the vast number of users, which is the responsibility of a professional brand.

A company needs innovation to grow, and Bolaite's innovation comes from product upgrading. In 2020, Bolaite will launch professional energy-saving products, which will further improve energy consumption, performance, stability and other aspects. In addition, we will carry out a one-to-one "analysis" in accordance with the actual situation of customers. We not only consider how much air compressor the customer needs, but also "act appropriately to the situation" to make users reasonably choose products, realizing the true combination of energy-saving theory and scheme, and creating higher value for the customers.

The bell of the New Year is about to ring, let Bolaite grow up and share with you. Let us trust and care for each other, and believe that we will create a better year in 2020!