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Winning the Market with Excellent Service, Bolaite's After-sales Product and Business Seminar Held in Wuxi

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The warm sunshine has slowly dispersed the epidemic's haze, and the people of Bolaite air compressor began to be busy again. With the success of China's fight against COVID-19 in 2020, the strong recovery of China's consumption and manufacturing has raised expectations for the Chinese economy in 2021. As the general-purpose equipment in the manufacturing industry, the market demand for air compressors has increased significantly, whether it is a new machine project or service maintenance.

In the past few years, the air compressor market has become increasingly competitive, and customers have put forward more detailed requirements for air compressor suppliers, such as service and energy saving. Therefore, this year, Bolaite's After-sales Service Department organized a special series of seminars on service products and business. On March 13, the first training meeting was held in Wuxi, and more than ten high-quality authorized agents of Bolaite participated in the seminar.

At the meeting, Bolaite's after-sales product manager introduced the working principle and design characteristics of original parts in detail, and analyzed the benefits brought to customers by the original genuine parts compared with inferior substitutes through some practical cases. In addition to the traditional three-stage filter and lubricating oil, this meeting highlighted the regular maintenance of air compressor valves that customers often neglect. The director of the Rotor Remanufacturing Center then introduced the high-specification maintenance process for the overhaul of the Bolaite's main machine. This maintenance can bring long-term stable operation to the customer's equipment, which not only prolongs the service life of the equipment, but also saves many unnecessary losses.

One of the key points of this seminar was the introduction of the five-year extended warranty project of core components. Yu Feng, the after-sales manager, analyzed to the participants how to combine the new technologies of the Internet of Things with the daily maintenance and operation, and finally gave customers an excellent use experience of the air compressor.

The new product specialist also shared the experience of Airnet pipe, waste heat recovery and other projects. These service products can actually bring energy-saving benefits to customers.

During the meeting, according to the product knowledge of the training, everyone completed the online test, and Guo Manager, a Jiangsu agent, and other excellent scorers obtained small gifts. Finally, agents had a heated discussion with the product experts of the after-sale business on the problems they experienced, shared their own market experience, and provided their own suggestions for the further improvement of Bolaite's after-sales business.

In the next two months, Bolaite's After-sales Business Department will carry out more special seminars on service products and business in all regions of the country, so as to support Bolaite's agents in providing better services for Bolaite's customers.