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Caring for Female Employees and Creating Beautiful Life

Source:博莱特官网    DateTime:2021-10-08    Hits:

In China's civilization history, women have always played an important role in driving history. With the rapid development of the global economy and the constant change of cultural ideology, women have taken on more and more responsibilities in the workplace and life.

The development of female employees also reflects the importance degree enterprises attach to talent development. Bolaite adheres to the concept of sustainable and long-term development of Atlas Copco Group, and is committed to creating projects and services that support the development of female employees. Bolaite has spared no effort to build a benign and competitive team, and has always focused on the development of female employees in the team. Since July this year, the company has launched a discussion on the development and health project of female employees, which aims to gain value for female employees in terms of career development, talent retention, skill improvement, leadership development, and physical and mental health.

Ally Pu, the Chief Financial Officer, as the ambassador of the development and health project for female employees, convened a meeting on the project initiation held by the Personnel Administration Department, the chairman of the labor union and the female workers' committee. They had a heated discussion on how to carry out feminine activities, which was highly supported by the workers' members. A consensus has been reached on the project implementation framework, and a series of activities would be carried out around several modules such as learning development, recruitment focus, talent attraction and retention.

Last month, all female employees gathered together in the company's meeting room during lunch time. In a relaxed and pleasant environment, the manager of the Personnel Administration Department introduced the Group's requirements on focusing on the development of female employees to female employees, and solicited opinions on the specific implementation plan and activity contents of the project. There were 18 suggestions in total. The first communication and exchange activities for female employees came to an end in a good atmosphere.

The project of caring for female employees has also received strong support from the management. The project will be formally carried out in September, with diversified contents. Regular activities such as reading club, online learning platform and life skills learning will be organized. In addition, a communication platform will be built for female employees, and regular interaction and sharing activities will be carried out for female employees to pay more effective attention to their physical and mental health.

It is believed that the implementation of this project can promote the personal development and physical and mental health of female employees effectively. In addition, it can also develop in the direction of cultivating female leadership, truly realize the sustainable development of talents, and create a more wonderful and beautiful life for female employees.