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Bolaite Appears on CCTV News! - Witness Together in the Past and Move Forward in the Future!

Source:博莱特官网    DateTime:2021-10-08    Hits:

In July, we ushered in the centenary of the Communist Party of China. In the past 100 years, we made great efforts and obtained great achievements, which brought prosperity to our motherland. On July 3, 2021, in CCTV's special program "Focus Interview: Starting Again in a Hundred Years of Prosperity" of the centenary of the Communist Party of China, the factory building of a company in Xinjiang appeared in the lens, and the "blue figure" in the background was eye-catching, which is just Bolaite BLT-150A screw air compressor!

The customer is a well-known mining group company in Shandong. As a well-known enterprise supporting Xinjiang in Shandong, it plays a great role in promoting the local economic development and increasing employment opportunities in Xinjiang. Since 2015, Bolaite has provided this customer with several screw air compressors and post-treatment products. Even in high-altitude and high-temperature areas of Xinjiang, Bolaite air compressor has continuously provided stable production gas for the production line of the plant in the past six years. After years of use, Bolaite air compressor is still bright. Today, Bolaite air compressor is still in the plant building to ensure the production gas of the plant.

Since its establishment in 1999, Bolaite has been serving various industries, such as energy, transportation, mineral, military, medical equipment and food production. Its air compressor plays a vital role in the production of these industries and makes an indelible contribution to the construction and development of the country.

In the construction of Qinghai Gongyu Expressway, the world's first expressway in the high-altitude cold permafrost region, 26 Bolaite air compressors were successfully introduced into the tunnel installation works along the line in an extremely cold and high-altitude engineering environment, so as to ensure efficient operation of each equipment on site.

In the construction of "China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan Highway", one of the key passages of "the Belt and Road Initiative", Bolaite provided a complete set of air compression system for asphalt mixing plant to pave asphalt.

Not only in the construction of national facilities, but also in the military defense development of the country, there is also the figure of Bolaite air compressor. During the R&D and production of a certain type of fourth-generation fighter, more than 10 Bolaite air compressors were put into use with high reliability; In the production of PLA armored vehicles of a large military enterprise in Southern China, Bolaite air compressor also operated stably and reliably.

Bolaite provides customers with stable, reliable and energy-saving compressed air solutions all the way, so as to meet customers' current and future gas demands. Our nationwide sales and service network can solve customers' worries and provide reliable guarantee for customers' efficient production.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that "it is necessary to unite and lead the Chinese people to strive for a better life, taking history as a mirror and opening up the future." Just like the brand promise of "Better Life Together", Bolaite will continuously develop and innovate to provide updated, smarter and more energy-saving compressed air solutions for various industries, striving for a better tomorrow and creating a wonderful next century!