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Strong Backing of the Front Line in the Fight against "Epidemic". Bolaite Air Compressor Escorts the Production of Medical Supplies in Urgent Need!

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In the fight against COVID-19, local production enterprises resumed work and production. The demand for protective articles such as masks and goggles urgently needed in the front line against the epidemic is extremely huge. Medical materials are not only necessary equipment for medical staff to treat patients, but also important materials to ensure the health of the masses.

It is well known that the air compressor, as general mechanical equipment, is one of the three power sources of the factory. Clean compressed gas is widely used in various production enterprises. As a member of Atlas Copco Group, Bolaite follows the requirements of the State Council Leading Group on Epidemic Prevention and Control for the whole country, and resumes work and production as early as possible in accordance with the unified command and deployment of the Group, giving priority to ensuring the commencement of production-oriented enterprises with materials urgently needed by the epidemic situation and escorting the production of urgently needed protective articles.

A large medical polymer production group company in Weihai, Shandong Province, as one of the top 100 pharmaceutical enterprises in China, mainly produces medical devices and various medicines.

At night on January 30, 2020, medical supplies such as surgical gowns and disinfectant (worth more than RMB 3 million) donated urgently by the Group to Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital arrived in Wuhan.

On February 1, 2020, the second batch of trucks loaded with medical materials such as surgical gowns, disinfectant, infusion apparatus, syringes and masks worth about RMB 5 million was urgently driven to Wuhan from Weihai.

As of February 16, the Group has donated medical materials worth about RMB 16 million to the epidemic area in Wuhan.

Bolaite has been a strategic partner of the Group for many years. All branches of the Group have used dozens of air compressors of Bolaite BLT-150A, BLT-350W and other models. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the production line of medical materials in urgent need, Bolaite air compressor operated continuously and stably, and provided high-quality and clean compressed air for the production line. Bolaite was also communicating with the customer to customize high-quality and energy-saving compressed air system solutions for customers to expand production capacity.

The group company is only a miniature of Bolaite's millions of customers. Among the production enterprises of medical masks, protective products and medicines in many regions of the country, Bolaite air compressor has been sticking to its mission and operating smoothly, efficiently and energy-saving. In the new year, Bolaite constantly promotes new models, such as the Level-1 energy-efficient oil-cooled permanent magnet variable-frequency air compressor, new generation of low-pressure air compressor, and a special 16bar laser cutting air compressor. Bolaite will adhere to the concept of "Better Life Together", assist enterprises to resume work and production, and help enterprises realize upgrading and transformation.

Let us join hands to fight the epidemic. In order to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control as early as possible, Bolaite has been acting!