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Events Review | Bolaite Pushes Ahead to Aim High - 2020 Bolaite Agent Conference & New Product Launch Conference

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On September 21, 2020, the 2020 Annual Conference of Agents & New Product Launch Conference of Bolaite (Shanghai) Compressor Co., Ltd. kicked off. At the meeting, representatives of Bolaite's outstanding agents were invited to gather in Wuxi to witness the grand release of Bolaite's new products.

First of all, Joeri OOMS, President of Atlas Copco's Industrial Air Department, and Renato Parra, Vice President of Atlas Copco's Multi-brand Market Department, brought congratulations from Europe through videos respectively. They fully affirmed the excellent achievements made by Bolaite in 2020, and promised that the Group would provide more reliable and stable new products to enrich the product line of Bolaite, and help Bolaite and its agents to better develop business and achieve success together!

Mr. Zhang Shu, General Manager of Bolaite, delivered an opening speech to the conference, announcing that Bolaite (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. was officially renamed as "Bolaite (Shanghai) Compressor Co., Ltd." from August 17, 2020. At the same time, he reviewed the sales performance of Bolaite since its relocation in 2016, and said that "Bolaite company and channels will make progress together!".

Later, Ms. Yang Min, the new sales director of Bolaite, delivered a speech on "Competitiveness of Bolaite Brand". She pointed out the three major pressures faced by traditional air compressor manufacturing and channel sales, and the direction of transformation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises and sales concepts in the era of Industry 4.0, which provided new sales ideas for the majority of agents.

Mr. Gui Haifeng, Director of After-sales Service of Bolaite, introduced the upgrade direction of after-sales service of Bolaite, and said that Bolaite would reasonably apply information technology based on customer demand to realize the sustainable development of after-sales service.

Ms. Pu Xiaohui, the new Chief Financial Officer of Bolaite, introduced the new financial strategy with many years of financial experience in foreign enterprises, which will provide agents with more abundant and flexible financial policies to cope with complex and changeable market conditions.

Next, a batch of newly-developed air compressor products of Bolaite were newly released. All new products of Bolaite series are in strict accordance with the newly released GB19153-2019 energy efficiency grade standard. Under the stricter 2019 energy efficiency standard, the energy efficiency performance of new products is more excellent, which is the best energy-saving choice for customers.

Mr. Zhang Shu, General Manager of Bolaite, issued outstanding agent certificates and trophies for 7 agents who performed well in 2019. He affirmed and encouraged the agents' contributions to Bolaite.

The release of Bolaite's oil-free air compressor brought the conference to a new climax. The oil-free air compressors enriched Bolaite's product line of the whole machine and brought more business development opportunities to agents.


Mr. Yu Feng and Mr. Zhang Qinling, the after-sales service managers, delivered speeches one after another, introducing the extended warranty service policy for core components of Bolaite products and ICONS remote intelligent monitoring system. Bolaite's complete after-sales service policies and products will become a solid backing for agents, bringing more value to customers and more opportunities for the whole machine sales.

In the afternoon, the agents arrived at Bolaite's production center, Pan-Asia Gas Technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd., which has become the largest R & D center of multiple brands in the Industrial Air Division of Atlas Copco Group. Ms. Feng Junmei, General Manager of Pan-Asia, said that the factory not only has a strict quality assurance system and strict supplier quality control system, but also has a strong non-standard customization team, which can provide personalized customization in accordance with the actual needs of customers.

At the appreciation banquet, Mr. Zhang Shu, the General Manager of Bolaite, delivered a speech, welcoming and thanking the representatives of the agents. The management, together with the employees, toasted the agents. All of them drank to the fruitful achievements of the past and the new journey of development tomorrow.

"Bolaite Pushes Ahead to Aim High", and will make great efforts and continue to bring infinite vitality to the market and create a better future!