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Common fault handling

Introduction to common faults


l High temperature at the rotor outlet

l Main motor overload

l Loading / unloading failure of air compressor

l Frequent loading and unloading of air compressor

l Short service life of three-stage filter


High temperature at the rotor outlet

l High ambient temperature

l Poor ventilation       

l Dirty or blocked cooler

l Low oil level

l Insufficient oil supply

l Temperature control valve fault

l Cooling fan fault

lTemperature sensor fault                                                                    

Main motor overload

When the unit starts, tripping may occur due to motor overload that is caused by

l Air valve opening

l Slow release of star contactor

l Minimum pressure valve fault, resulting in main pipe air pressure reflux

l Excessively low overload protection value set

l Power problem

l Excessively low voltage (less than 360V)

l Excessively low actual supply voltage due to thin power line

l Excessively low actual supply voltage and phase loss due to insufficient transformer capacity

Frequent loading and unloading of unit

l Virtual connection of solenoid valve power line

l One-way valve installed at the compressor outlet, thin exhaust pipe

l Small pressure zone set

l Filter blocked

l Fault in refrigerated air dryer

l Small volume of air storage tank

l Unstable user's air consumption

Short service life of three-stage filter - reasons 

l Dusty environment

l High ambient humidity

l High exhaust temperature

l Carbon deposition in oil

l Maintenance not timely


l Non-standard maintenance

l Incomplete draining of old oil

l Non-original spare parts, inferior lubricating oil