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"Creating a Better Life Together" between Bolaite and IKEA

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IKEA's production concept is to provide a variety of beautiful and practical household goods that can be affordable for ordinary people. This is inseparable from the product support of IKEA's suppliers. As a world-famous IKEA supplier, a holding company in Zhejiang has been providing high-quality products for IKEA for many years. In order to respond to the policy of energy conservation and emission reduction advocated by the country, the company took the lead in reforming the use of production equipment, which was unanimously praised in the industry.

In 2012, the customer company selected one 110kw air compressor of a domestic brand. With the development of business, one 110kw double-stage compression and two 90kw air compressors were successively added. In 2018, the business increased again. The gas pressure in the workshop decreased from 8bar to 6bar, and the gas consumption needs to be further increased. At the same time, the working hours and air pressure requirements of different production lines in the workshop are also different, resulting in insufficient pressure in peak hours and waste of gas consumption in trough hours.

For this reason, the customer urgently needs to upgrade the air compressor. Mr. Wang of Boyue Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., the agent of Bolaite, visited the site for several investigations and tests, and discussed with the company's technicians repeatedly to provide the customer with a solution that not only meets the need of gas consumption, but also meets the changes of air volume and air pressure. After repeated communication and explanation, the customer gradually trusted the strength of Bolaite, and finally decided to adopt this scheme. In the scheme, Bolaite selected the latest products of the company: BLT S oil-cooled permanent magnet variable-frequency air compressor and other enhanced Level-1 energy efficiency machines, with a total of 5 sets. In addition, a centralized control system is equipped.

After completion and acceptance at the end of 2018, the air pressure met the air consumption requirement of 8bar, with a stable gas supply and low machine noise, and the power consumption was saved by 20%. The favorable results made customers hold their thumbs up to praise Bolaite, and promised to recommend Bolaite products to their peers, so that more friends and peers can experience Bolaite's high-quality products and perfect services.

In the case of energy-saving transformation, Bolaite added a thick and heavy color.