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Strengthening the Army! Energy Conservation! Bolaite BLT S Ultra-high Efficiency Screw Air Compressor "Re-establishes Great Achievements", and the Military of Other Countries may Complain Repeatedly

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"Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, China's development has been booming, not only from the initial "millet plus rifle" to today's "two bombs and one satellite", nuclear submarines, aircraft carriers, fighters, etc. but also the economy has become the world's No. 2 economy. However, with the rapid upgrading of military equipment of the PLA, there is no doubt that the military machinery manufacturing enterprises not only have increased production tasks, but also have very high requirements on the technology and quality of production equipment. "

It is well known that the national demand for environmental protection and energy conservation of enterprises has become more and more strict in recent years, and even some large state-owned enterprises have an energy conservation index every year. For military equipment manufacturers, the air compressor is a large energy consumer. According to conservative statistics, the annual power consumption accounts for about 20% of the total power consumption of such enterprises. Therefore, if the energy consumption of air compressor can be successfully reduced, it will not only help to improve its production efficiency, but also meet the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection.

A large military enterprise located in Southern China, affiliated to China North Industries Group Corporation Limited, is one of the top 100 enterprises in China's machinery manufacturing industry and one of the designated manufacturers of armoured vehicles of the PLA. It is introduced that most of the air compressors used by the enterprise are of well-known foreign brands. However, due to the long operation time, various situations such as high failure rate, an increase of energy consumption and a decrease of air volume occur, which cannot meet its high-intensity production gas demand. Therefore, it is imperative to seek a kind of air compressors with advanced technology, stable quality and low energy consumption.

A number of international famous air compressor brands, including Bolaite, have successfully entered the procurement plan of the enterprise. In the process of repeated communication of the project, Bolaite's sales team and technicians continuously optimized the improvement scheme. Finally, after the multi-party consultation and careful investigation by the equipment technicians of the enterprise, Bolaite "BLT S" ultra-high efficiency screw air compressor stood out in the fierce competition. This model is specially developed by the Group for China's market and adopts the Group's advanced technology and configuration. It can help manufacturers adapt to the operating conditions with different environment, temperature and humidity in a wide area of China.

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After a period of operation, Bolaite "BLT S" ultra-high efficiency screw air compressor really lived up to expectations, which is characterized by stable operation, zero failure rate, low noise, very convenient maintenance. Especially, the energy-saving effect superior to the national "Level-1 energy efficiency" standard is particularly prominent, far exceeding the energy-saving demand of the enterprise. In addition, it can be well-matched with the existing old air compressors of the customer for joint control and gas supply through various communication protocol interfaces, which is unanimously recognized by users!

Strengthening the army! Energy Conservation! Bolaite air compressors not only make contributions to China's energy conservation, consumption reduction and environmental protection, but also "makes great contributions" to China's strong military industry!