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WIS Oil-free Air Compressor

WIS Oil-free Air Compressor

Compressed air with high efficiency and high quality

Advanced equipment

•      Low installation costs for the oil-free air compressor:

n    No filter maintenance cost

n    No condensate to be treated

•      Low noise level, even if multiple units are installed

•      Covering less area compared to a conventional compressor

      Linkage control among multiple units, equipped with an integrated sequencer


Excellent quality

•      Certified high-quality compressed air passing the certification of ISO 8573-1 Class 0 *

•      Integrated dryer, ensuring a pressure dew point < 3°C

•      Driven by frequency converter, starting steadily

•      Clean anti-corrosive materials used for pipe network: aluminum bronze alloy for rotor housing; stainless steel for rotor shaft, pipes and moisture container


Excellent performance

•      Pressure of the oil-free air compressor up to 13 bar

•      Air displacement ranges from:

n    306 to 504 m3/h

n    85 to 140 l/s

n    180 to 296 cfm

•      Radial cooling fan and sound insulation cover ensure the best heat dissipation and quietness performance


Excellent efficiency

•      The unique isothermal compression technology brings excellent energy-saving effect

•      A frequency converter drive technology is adopted for the oil-free air compressor, with the energy saving rate up to 35%

•      The use of a smaller pressure zone effectively reduces the pressure of the entire pipe network (1 bar extra pressure = 7% increase in energy consumption)

•      The 3.5" full-color graphic controller possesses network visualization and intelligent energy-saving cycle functions

•      Frictionless rotor bearing

•      The built-in dryer reduces the downstream pressure drop


Reliable accessories

•      Atlas Copco element

•      Siemens IE3 motor

•      Siemens frequency converter

•      Siemens electronic control cabinet for components