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Successful Application of Bolaite Permanent Magnet Variable-frequency Air Compressor in Textile Industry

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"As one of the important industries of the national economy, China's textile industry has made rapid progress under the background of globalization in the past 30 years, making great progress and building many textile bases with global competitiveness. However, with the gradual increase of labor costs, China's textile industry, as a typical labor-intensive industry, is also facing increasingly severe international competition. This also forces textile enterprises to find ways to further improve resource utilization efficiency and reduce consumption and costs on the premise of ensuring production quality. In this context, high-efficiency, energy-saving and environment-friendly textile production equipment have become an inevitable choice for the new generation of textile enterprises. "

In 2013, a textile enterprise in northern Jiangsu purchased a Bolaite power frequency air compressor through the Bolaite agent based on the air consumption and production capacity of the winder on its production line; Over the years, the local agent has cooperated closely with the user, and the Bolaite power frequency air compressor has always maintained a good operation state, ensuring the high-strength and high-load operation of the enterprise's winder and meeting its continuously increasing order demand.

However, the order volume of the enterprise fluctuated greatly due to the influence of market changes at the beginning of 2016, resulting in a decrease in the demand for production gas, thus affecting the stability of load rate of its original power frequency machine. After learning about the situation, Bolaite's sales team and local agent actively communicated with the customer. Based on professional evaluation and analysis and starting from the concept of "one-stop procurement and a complete set of services," Bolaite customized a set of energy-saving replacement solutions for the user. The original power frequency equipment was replaced with Bolaite BLT PM+ series permanent magnet variable-frequency air compressors, matched with BLR series refrigerated air dryers which are popular in Bolaite. The BLT PM+ series permanent magnet variable-frequency air compressor is equipped with Atlas Copco main machine, enclosed high-efficiency permanent magnet motor and split direct drive system. High compressor reliability is ensured while pursuing high efficiency.

Recently, when the writer visited the user's site again, the user drew the writer with excitement to view the electricity meter and electricity statistics. Today, the user can save up to 20% of the electricity cost on average every year, and can quickly recover the cost of equipment investment. At present, this successful case has been spread rapidly in the surrounding areas; It is known that many customers in the same industry are ready to purchase Bolaite BLT PM+ series permanent magnet variable-frequency air compressors and energy-saving and environment-friendly post-treatment equipment to replace the original equipment.

With the gradual improvement of the market, more and more textile enterprises regard the ever-increasing environmental protection requirements as an opportunity for transformation and upgrading. In addition, the existing equipment is self-checked and upgraded through Bolaite's professional and timely energy-saving test, thus greatly improving the productivity and production efficiency. It has been proved that the adoption of Bolaite's professional energy-saving replacement scheme is a very correct decision! The complete set of solutions for Bolaite's compressed air system can not only meet many needs of textile enterprises in terms of high reliability, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, but also greatly reduce the operation cost for enterprises. Choosing Bolaite means the choice of peace of mind and rest assured! Choosing Bolaite means the choice of green life and a bright future!



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